About Me

Kaye Lynne Booth is a freelance writer, editor, and novelist. SKaye Lynne Boothhe writes poetry, short fiction, and children’s books, as well as literary and gardening articles. She recently completed all the requirements for her dual MFA in Creative Writing and Screenwriting.

Her thesis novel, The Great Primordial Battle, is a science fantasy novel, to be the first in a four book series titled Playground for the Gods. You can follow its progress on Facebook, as well as her western novel, Delilah. You can also follow her screenwriting page on Facebook.

Her short story Last Call, and her western novel, Delilah, are both available for sale on Amazon. Her short fiction, I Had to Do It, was published by Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry in June of 2016, and Hidden Secrets, was published by Across the Margin. Her short fiction stories “If You’re Happy and You Know It” is featured in The Collapsar Directive (August 1, 2017) & “The Devil Made Her Do It” is featured in Relationship Add Vice (December 15, 2017), both published by Zombie Pirates Publishing. She also has poetry published in Manifest West #5: Serenity and Severity (2016), and Colorado Life Magazine (September/October 2016).

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