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Write it Right

Editing Rates

Basic Line Editing: $3.00 per page

Heavy Editing: $3.75 per page

Proof Reading: $1.50 per page

Rates are based on the pages submitted, not final page count.

The rates apply for every page of the manuscript whether a short passage or pages with a graphic only. Write it Right understands that authors may need a little extra help in completing their manuscripts without paying a huge amount.

Making sure the manuscript is 1.5 or double spaced will guarantee you the rates listed. Single spaced pages take much more time to read/edit and with slower reading there is more time and energy involved in this type of editing. Single spaced manuscripts will be charged an additional fee of $25.00.  

BASIC LINE EDITING means regular editing that might have been done once by you or someone else and you need to finalize it for publishing.

HEAVY EDITING means a raw manuscript or draft, which you have just written and no one else has read it or proofed it or it has been edited only lightly, requiring a more time consuming edit.

As the author, you describe the condition of the manuscript. The Editor will accept your description of the type of editing you will need, but the EDITOR WILL HAVE THE FINAL SAY after a quick perusal of the manuscript.

Have a manuscript you need edited? Contact Kaye for a quote today at: kayebooth(at)yahoo(dot)com

Send the first five (5) pages as a Word .doc for a free sample edit.


Editing Recommendations:

“I’ve had the honor of working with Kaye on three books, and I’d recommend her highly to anyone in need of editing help.”

Chris Keys—Author of Pirate’s Plunder, The Fishing Trip and Reprisal! The Eagle Rises


“I’ve been using Kaye Booth as my editor for many years. Her editing is detailed and professional. I highly recommend her work to any one that’s wants exceptional work.”

Elder Charles Johnson – The Homeless Poet