Painting: Intimacy, by Mitch Barrett
Poetry: Intimacy and the Harlequin Dance
by Kaye Lynne Booth
Displayed in 2010 at Kaleidoscope Gallery
in Battle Sea Park, London

Intimacy and the Harlequin Dance

We dance through the masquerade of life

Disguised to fit the music

Of so many different melodies

That at times, we forget which tune

Holds the heartstrings of who we really are.

Then one day, we find the perfect dance partner.

But to attain the perfect rhythm

We must open ourselves up and reveal our souls.

Intimacy requires that we relinquish the mask

To expose the genuine self that lies beneath.

After all the years of dancing to false tunes

Will we be able to keep time

To the genuine dance and the original rhyme?

Or shall we don the mask once more and continue to

Keep time to the false melody of the Harlequin dance?


A Prayer for Guidance


First published in Dusk & Dawn Magazine 1996













Aspen - Winter



First published in Colorado Life Magazine (September/October 2016)















Yucca! Yucca! Yucca!

Kaye Lynne Booth

They spatter the open mountain meadows

Like snow white spears reaching up

Above the tall grasses

Worshiping the sun.

Soft white flower spikes

Contrasting razor sharp spines.

The porcupines of the plant world.

Waiting, waiting for autumn winds

To dry their flower stalks into husks

That whisper the rattle of their name

First published in Manifest West #5: Serenity and Severity, Literary Anthology by Western Press Books (2016).

Manifest West