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Delilah: The Homecoming – Book 2 now in progress. 

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Check it out! Delilah: The Homecoming has a fabulous cover by Sonoran Dawn Studios!

Delilah: The Homecoming

Western novel: Delilah Book 2

The exciting new Western action novel from Kaye Lynne Booth. Savor the true flavor of the Colorado frontier with Delilah. She’s tough, she’s gritty and she always gets her man.


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Delilah – Some adventures are worth the wait.

After serving two years in prison for a justified murder, Delilah heads back to San Luis with her ward, 16 year old Sarah, when two outlaws ambush and rape them, stealing Sarah and leaving Delilah for dead. Her quest to hunt them down and save the girl leads her through the mining camps of southwestern Colorado, and she fights Indians, bears and wolves, in addition to outlaws along the way.

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Cover Design by Sonoran Dawn Studios


Re-Release of Delilah by Dusty Saddle Publishing scheduled for January 13th, 2020!

New edition features forewards by western authors, Robert Hanlon amd C. Emerson Law